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Our Process


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Schedule a discovery session so we can learn more about your financial life, goals and needs. 


Once we have a better understanding of your financial situation, goals and needs, we’ll determine the best service option for you. 


After we nail down how we are going to help you, we’ll get started right away with a kick-off call to begin optimizing your financial plan.


We’ll meet with you regularly to pinpoint financial opportunities and to keep you updated on the status of reaching your financial goals.

How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our DEV process might look simple, but it’s built on years of experience the results we’ve gotten for our clients. It’s constructed specifically to give you the information and control you want withOUT the day-to-day management and headache that you don’t.

The first step is to Design your plan.

When we design your plan, we create your current Wealth Snapshot and take into account your goals, debt, assets, liabilities, and expected income. We look at your budget, your lifestyle, and any other information that will help us project into the future so we can together make the decisions that will benefit you in the long-term.

We’ll utilize long-term and short-term strategies as well as a healthy mix of forward-thinking and conservative options to give you the most growth possible given your risk tolerance and current situation.

After we design your plan, we Execute that plan with specific strategies that make sense for you.

This plan will be professionally managed by our team, giving you the freedom to simply live your life! No more worrying about what’s happening, checking the markets regularly – we’ll make sure you’re updated as often as you require and you can rest assured the rest is in our more than capable hands.

We will constantly be Verifying that you have the right strategy for your needs.

Anytime something changes – in your situation or in the financial state of the world – we will be all hands on deck to ensure that your financial plan is resilient and will grow with you. We’ll meet regularly to ensure that we’re still when something changes and when something changes – we revisit step 1 and tweak, modify for even fully redesign your plan to align with those changes.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Read the stories below to find out which of our services will best serve your needs or click the button to schedule a discovery session with one of our experts.


John and Suzie

Retirement Planning

John and Suzie are in their early sixties and they’re thinking about retiring pretty soon. They’ve got around $1,500,000 saved in their retirement accounts… but they’d like to pass on some of their savings as inheritance as long as it doesn’t affect their retirement.

But they’re not sure where to start – especially when it comes to market volatility, how to prepare to spend instead of save, and when they should take their social security benefits. They want to make sure they’re tax efficient and can make the most of their money and their retirement.

If this story sounds familiar, you’re best suited for our Comprehensive Retirement Planning Process.

With our Comprehensive Retirement Planning Process, we’ll help organize your entire financial life – dissecting each piece and testing different scenarios and options. We’ll project against different financial situations, like the Financial Crisis of 2008-2009, to help determine how sustainable your plan is.

We’ll help you:

• Maximize your Social Security benefits
• Create potential conversion strategies for your existing savings
• Develop a spending plan to help you optimize the usage of your funds
• Create tax reduction strategies based on your actual financial situation
• Pull together all the moving pieces of your financial life into one manageable plan

Ready to talk about your retirement options?


Mary and William

Investment Management

Mary and William have been doing their own investing for most of their careers – and at 55, they’ve amassed an investment portfolio worth almost two million dollars. But now they’re unsure that they can handle making smart investment decisions on their own. They’re losing track of the accounts they’ve opened and they’re struggling to keep up with all the changes.

They know they don’t know it all and are ready to work with someone who can help them make sure they’re still on track and make sure they’re using the right investment strategies.

Does this story sound like you? If so, you’re likely looking for our Investment Management Service.

Our full Investment Management Service is designed to help you make the most of what you’ve already achieved – and show you what it would look like if you simply stay the course. We’ll present you with multiple alternative options to consider that may improve your long-term outcomes with better long-term track record, lower fees, better risk adjusted historical returns, are more tax efficient or a combination of each.

We’ll help you consolidate your accounts if needed, and rebalance your holdings to stay true to your target allocation and risk level. We’ll also implement tax-loss harvesting strategies so we can help you minimize current and future tax liabilities.

Want to see if Investment Management is right for you?



Total Wealth Management

Lisa is a retiree and she has a net worth of over $5,000,000 – and she currently has a financial advisor that manages a portion of her wealth. Currently her money is spread throughout several institutions and her portfolio leverages real estate and other luxury assets as well as traditional investment options.

But Lisa is beginning to feel concerned that her financial life is complex. She manages her finances using spreadsheets and a few simple financial tools – but it’s time consuming and leaves room for errors in planning. She’s looking for more sophisticated forecasting and reporting, as well as a way to manage everything in one place.

Sound familiar? You’re a fit for our Total Wealth Management Solution.

We’ll bring you into our management platform, which will allow you to see all your data in one place – and this will be updated automatically throughout the week, so you always have the most up-to-date snapshot of your information.

We’ll also help you plan ahead to make better decisions today that will affect your legacy goals – including stress testing your current portfolio to see how it performs against several types of events. We’ll help you build a financial strategy that stands the test of time and will be resilient through any market environment and anything thrown it’s way.

Are you ready to create and protect generational wealth?



Financial Planning

Nick is entering his highest earning years as a working professional. He’s proudly debt-free and is starting to build his nest egg using his employer’s retirement plan – and he’s been contributing to 529 plans for his kids.

But he’s not sure whether he’s doing the right things – he feels like he has a lot of financial buckets and he’s not sure how to allocate his savings the right way. He’s looking for a financial plan that’s flexible and shows him exactly how much to put in each place.

Sound like you? You’re a fit for our Financial Planning Services.

We’ll take you through a simple financial planning process that will lay everything out in a way that makes sense to you and your goals. We’ll cover everything from goal setting, wealth building mindset, how much to save, where to allocate funds, and when you might expect to retire.

We’ll create a blueprint for successfully reaching your financial goals – and our team will assist in managing your retirement accounts and updating your financial plan each year to make sure everything stays on track and is optimized.

Want to simplify your financial situation?

Let's optimize your wealth.

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