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Welcome to

previously known as MICapital

Our new brand can be broken down in a few ways, starting with the bold word resilient. In order to be resilient, you need to be strong, flexible, capable of withstanding shocks from unforeseen events and be able to bounce back with ease and confidence. This directly correlates to why we take an educational and planning first approach. Our holistic process brings resilience into our client’s financial life and gives them the blueprint to bounce back and thrive, regardless of what life throws their way.

Our New Logo Watermark is Pegasus, the mythical creature who represents attaining ultimate freedom

This magnificent creature comes to us in our time of greatest need to lift us above the ordinary to the extraordinary. To how finances can be taken to an extraordinary level to give our clients ultimate financial freedom.

Stay tuned for our new website coming soon.

Phone: (231) 714-9455
Fax: (231) 525-2104

Investment advisory services offered through Resilient Financial Planning LLC, a State of Michigan registered investment adviser.
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