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Do You Take A Plan-First Approach?

See how Resilient Financial Planning could be the new home of your practice.

The hidden costs of growing your practice

When you want to grow your practice, there have typically been two options: work for a big firm or create your own.

Both of those come with costs: you’re either paying for a brand and handing off the freedom and control you have over how you work with clients OR you’re paying to develop the infrastructure and possibly sacrificing the tools you can use to serve your clients in the name of cash flow. You’re spending time trying to create something in your practice that’s already been created – instead of using that time to become more successful.

But there’s a third option that’s coming into play, and that’s to partner with someone who already has the infrastructure in place AND who wants to give you back control of your advisory practice.

If this sounds right for you, keep reading to discover how Resilient Financial Planning wants to partner with experts like you to serve clients in a brand-new way.

Control without the Hassle

We know what it’s like to want control over your advisory practice. You want to charge what you want to charge, serve who you want to serve, and market yourself the way you deserve to be marketed. And yes, you can specialize at the big firms but you’re still held back by outdated ideals of what advisors should look like… and that comes at a cost to both you AND your clients.

And if you’ve already built up your expertise and experience as the expert advisor… you’re now at the top of the pack and know how to develop and manage the relationships you’ve built…

NOW is the time to break away to continue your own personal practice’s growth. Plus, you’ll still leverage the best in technology and tools that allow you to focus on your business instead of the back office work that keeps many independent offices stuck.

PLUS… you’ll have control of how your life looks with your practice in it as well. We fully embrace the technology that allows for location-independent work and work-from-home… which means you – and your clients – can be anywhere and still have a productive and profitable relationship.

What’s more – we’re ready to position you as the go-to expert in your field for your specific set of clients…

Turn-Key Growth System

When you’re growth-focused like we are, you want to leverage opportunities that other advisors don’t use – because this sets you apart from the crowd, creates a steady stream of new relationships, and allows you to focus on serving your clients instead of constantly searching for new relationships and referrals in your local area.

Resilient Financial Planning has created a turn-key system that will allow you to choose a niche and speak with potential clients on a regular basis withOUT cold calling, networking, begging for referrals or all the other time-wasting methods that don’t allow you to serve the best clients the way they deserve… and in the way you choose.

(Yes, you can work fully remote and on your own terms.)

It’s our Expert Positioning System, and when you join Resilient Financial Planners – we’ll hand you your own.

Our team will create the copy, branding, digital presence and everything you need to create new client relationships from what you already know. You’ll be able to serve the exact market you want to serve withOUT micromanaging oversight that holds you back.

Freedom without the Cost

You can absolutely start your own firm and retain full control over what you do and who you serve – but you’ll be investing heavily in the back-office systems to run your business, as well as compliance, marketing, record-keeping, audits, investment platforms, technology, billing systems and all the other administrative work that’s involved.

Your time is better spent serving your clients and working with potential clients, instead of focusing on the operations.

Isn’t it time to partner with someone who’s likeminded when it comes to growth, technology, comprehensive services and a planning-first approach?

Aren’t you ready to step away from the commission model that depends on hard-selling your clients into a specific financial product… and into a model that allows you to invest in the success of your clients with a fee-only model and flexibility in your billing?

Succession Planning Built In

The harsh truth is that many advisors don’t have a succession plan built into their business, at least officially. They either work at large firms and know there are others who will take over or they plan to sell their businesses once they’re nearing retirement age.

But neither of those options give your clients the best you can offer – if unplanned events happen, your clients may be left without expert advice or will have to scramble to replace you.

At Resilient, our whole purpose is to plan for the unplanned when it comes to our clients – and the same holds true for you, as well. Part of working with us is a built-in succession plan that benefits you in retirement AND ensures that your clients receive the same incredible experience they’ve come to expect from you – keeping your legacy intact no matter what.

Your First Step

If you:

Let’s talk. We’ll see if we’re a good fit to partner and what that would look like from all angles.

We know this isn’t a one-time conversation – it’s a long-term relationship that must work well on both ends and from all sides in order to be successful.

But your first step is to get in touch.

Let’s Talk About What’s Right For You

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